1. killerbeesting:

    James Jowers  - New Orleans, 1970

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  2. certifiedhiphopfeed:

    Madlib crate digging.

    Musically, Madlib takes me where I need to be. #mindset

  3. cuzigottacutefaceandmybootysofat:


    The Dapper Rebels of Los Angeles, originally published in LIFE magazine, July 15, 1966.

    Good god.

    This Here. Never gets old.

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  4. theawesomefarm:

    Mndsgn - Sheets

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  5. Yeeeeeaaaaah!!!

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  7. tomboybklyn:

    shades of grey…

  8. buttondownmoda:

    John Coltrane, by Lee Friedlander


  10. 90shiphopraprnb:

    Da Youngsta’s / Illy Funkstaz | I’ll Make U Famous